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Pippin At Last.jpg

Arlington Heights High School
May 4-6, 2023

Direction by Andrew Bullard; Musical Direction by Kristin Spires; Choreography by Danny Vaneagas


When Pippin premiered in 1972, it took the Broadway stage by storm. Under Bob Fosse’s direction, musical theatre began a shift into new and unexplored terrain, taking audiences from very stylized and heightened stories, to darker and more realistic characters and plotlines. It became a cult classic, until the 2013 revival under Diane Paulus brought the magic back to Broadway, with a very elaborate and acrobatic take. 

Our Pippin takes us back into the era when it was written. With the backdrop of the Vietnam War, religious cults, and the “free love” movement, our production follows a young man lost and unsure of his purpose in life. Reeling from societal and family pressures, the generation struggled with being happy with a set course in life, and how one goes about finding that spark. In some cases, some of these young adults thought there might not even be a path for them at all. Our young protagonist encounters that very question, right where he is found by our colorful and eccentric Leading Player and ensemble.

Inspired by the 2021 West End Revival and Stephen Schwartz’s own Godspell, we hope to welcome you into a journey of self discovery and finding out that the extraordinary, can in fact be discovered in the ordinary.

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